Our story

Chase Cost Management (CCM), LAC Group’s Spend Management Division, provides expense management services and programs based on the latest market knowledge and proven cost reduction strategies. Services are customized for your needs using our Spend Management Framework for measurable results.


CCM was founded in 1998, born out of the idea that companies need help controlling expenses that would otherwise fall under the radar.

Originally focused on office supplies and legal research costs, CCM services now encompass more than a dozen different expense areas. As the marketplace has changed, CCM‘s areas of expertise have grown organically to address and accommodate the new needs of law firms and corporations.

In 2011, CCM expanded its capabilities when it was acquired by LAC Group. Together, LAC Group and CCM’s lengthy experience and comprehensive menu of services has created a one-stop shop for clients looking to optimize their most valuable resources and save money for other requirements and investments.

Our culture

As a boutique consulting firm, CCM is a collaborative  environment, conducive to generating ideas and strategies for client services and savings opportunities.

  • Our subject matter experts hone their skills and stay attuned to advances and variations in technology
  • Our account executives devote resources to improving client experience and implementing valuable spend management programs
  • Our customized approach toward each client accommodates their culture and meets their stated goals

The CCM team values innovation and looks for creative solutions to address and adapt to the evolving marketplace. Our open-forum style allows all team members to actively participate in strategy sessions and rewards “out of the box” thinking. Frequent in-office events celebrate the diverse yet animated personalities of the team and always lead to spirited and fruitful conversations.

Why Chase Cost Management

CCM brings unique experience and insights learned from a diverse client base that includes the Fortune 500, AmLaw 200 and major industry sectors from biotech to major media. Our access to the latest cost benchmark data and spend management trends for specific markets, industries and suppliers can give you the knowledge advantage for reducing costs and managing expenses. CCM is known for:

  • Uncovering significant savings, even when the client believes it is getting good terms and discounts
  • Vendor-neutral advocacy with knowledge of the full provider spectrum
  • Awareness of the latest technologies and services
  • Negotiating acumen for optimizing RFPs, Terms & Conditions and Contract Compliance

Spend management is all we do at CCM – we’re in the trenches every day, dealing with nuances and details that would be impossible and impractical for you to match.

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