Our process

CCM’s Five-Step Framework

CCM’s expense reduction programs incorporate five key steps, customized for your situation and proven to deliver consistent, favorable results.

1. Current state assessment

Our work begins with a no-obligation review:

  • Assessment of current vendor contract and vendor intent
  • Comparison against market and peer organizations
  • Estimate potential saving opportunities

This review provides a benchmark to evaluate current spending.

2. Program design

We draw from an extensive knowledge base of major vendors to:

  • Negotiate with select vendors or run a proposal request
  • Recommend contractual clauses to protect against fluctuations
  • Implement new market best pricing to ensure maximum value

Our involvement in actual negotiations is based on your needs.

3. Implementation

CCM analysts and support personnel work with you and your vendors for contract compliance. Monthly monitoring flags unauthorized changes, tracks discounts and identifies issues.  Our proprietary software monitors the usage and spend of every item, and when we find errors, we recover credits and remedies.

4. Vendor management

CCM supports you through the life of the contract, ensuring that your savings are realized and vendor arrangements are working as promised. We make recommendations whenever possible to respond to changing circumstances and requirements.

 5. Periodic audit & benchmarking

During the course of a CCM spend program, we continue benchmarking your purchases against market-best pricing and procurement practices to ensure you continue to gain the advantages of the best current pricing, terms and conditions.

Wondering if our framework could work for you?

Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation about your company’s indirect spend. We’ll determine if we can help you improve profitability to maximize your financial resources.