Where does your indirect spend go?

We will find it

Spending too much on business expenses?

Keep more of your hard-earned profits

The cost of products and services needed to run your business can drain your financial resources. From office supplies to information technology, reducing these expenses makes a big difference to your bottom line.

CCM procurement value

  • Hard-dollar savings of 20% or more
  • Market-tested spend management programs
  • Partner in procurement excellence with proven results

Minimize spend

Maximize cash flow

Spend management programs

CCM is well-known for reducing costs in two indirect spend categories – office products and legal and business research and other information services.

But did you know your savings can be multiplied across other expense categories?

Spend categories

Estimate your savings:


Vendor management and contract negotiation expertise

Access to unpublished data in over a dozen spend categories

Holistic view of indirect spend and procurement nuances

Our vendor knowledge, in-market experience and data access are invaluable resources:

  • Five-Step Framework for discovering – and realizing – savings opportunities
  • Big data aggregation for benchmarking reference and validation
  • Extensive vendor knowledge and contract management expertise
  • Seamless, behind-the-scenes implementation and support

CCM spend management experts even find savings in the most efficient, well-run operations. We know that spend management is an optimization process, not a one-and-done event that ends with the contract signing.

CCM is a trusted partner of finance and procurement leaders

Savvy financial leaders look at every possible way to protect profits and free-up cash. Whether it’s for immediate needs or long-term planning, the need to optimize financial resources never ends.

That includes keeping a watchful eye on indirect spend – money spent every day on the goods and services you use to run your business. The savings opportunities uncovered by CCM’s spend management experts are real, and the more categories we optimize for you, the greater your overall financial results.

Financial Objectives

Increase cash flow

Reduce unnecessary expenses

Maximize operating capital

Satisfy financial objectives

Manage budget increases

Procurement Objectives

Optimize current vendor relationship

Benchmark markets

Negotiate best terms and conditions

Satisfy users and business needs

Ensure contract compliance

Spend management guidance

Vendor sourcing

Contract negotiation

Periodic audits

Contract optimization

Invoice auditing

Credit recovery

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